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Freedom Village Home School Mall
Personalized baby and childrens items, including personalized books which home schoolers may find helpful..

Academic Superstore
Software:  Business, Education, Graphics/Multimedia, Home and Life, Internet, Language, Music and Sound, Operating Systems, Programming, Science and Math, Screenwriting, Teacher Tools, and Utilities

Alpha Omega Publications
Outstanding educational resources for Christian home schoolers.  Subjects Include:  Pre-school Readiness, Phonics, Reading, Vocabulary, Penmanship, Languages, Drawing Basics, Literature, Anatomy, Bible, History, Geography, Mathematics, Science

You can buy a wide variety of home schooling products at  Use this search box to find what you are looking for. 
  • Books About Home Schooling -- You can find numerous books about home schooling and home learning at to help you be more effective.  Click above for a list.  You can refine your search after you reach the site. 
  • Children's Books -- You can purchase children's books for your home school at  Click above to go to the main page.  Categories include:  Baby-3, Ages 4-8, Ages 9-12, Animals, Arts & Music, Books on Cassette,  Books on CD,  Authors & Illustrators, A-Z,  Computers,  Educational,  History & Historical Fiction, Issues, Literature, Obsessions, People & Places, Popular Characters, Reference & Nonfiction, Religions, Science, Nature & How It Works, Series, and Sports & Activities. 
  • Educational DVDs -- You can buy educational DVDs for your home school at  Just click above to go to the introductory page.  Categories include:  General, Baby Einstein, Government, Languages, Math Skills, National Geographic, Science & Technology, Standard Deviants.
  • Educational Videos -- You can purchase videos (VHS) for your home school at (including videos on how to have a home school).  Categories include: General, Business, English & Reading, Home Schooling, Languages, Math Skills, Science & Technology, Series, Sign Language, Test Prep, and Writing Skills
  • Activity and Learning Toys and Games -- You can buy toys and games for your home school at  Categories include: Arts & Crafts; Birthday Party Supplies; Cameras, Gadgets & Electronic Toys; Coin Collecting; Collectible Memorabilia; Counting, Math & Time; Early Development; Electronic Learning; Magic; Novelty Items; Pretend Play & Dress-Up; Reading & Writing; Religious Toys; School Supplies; Science & Discovery; Amusements; Other Activities & Learning.
  • Educational and Reference Software -- You can buy educational and reference software for your home school at  Categories include: Arts & Culture, Encyclopedias & Dictionaries, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Mapping, Music Appreciation, Religious Software, Science, Script & Screenwriting, Secondary Education, Test Preparation, Typing, Writing & Literature 
Children's Book Categories in
Animals History & Historical Fiction Science, Nature, & How It Works
Art & Music Holidays & Festivals Series
Authors & Illustrators Literature Sports & Activities
Basic Concepts People & Places Obsessions
Computers Popular Characters General
Early Readers Series Reference & Non-Fiction Issues
Educational Religion Teens
Use this search box to find fine art prints, photos, and posters for your home school.

ClickN READ Phonics
ClickN READ Phonics teaches just like a live tutor. It teaches the entire phonics curriculum required for K-3rd.  It works great for learning disabilities and adults learning to read English. With Internet access, ClickN' READ Phonics is available anywhere at anytime.

Software for protecting children, students, and employees from internet pornography and spam. 

Outdoor Products, Toys & Gifts, Draw & Color, Refills, Activity Time, Grafitti, Art Supplies, Paint, Clay & Modeling, Sweets & Treats, Apparel, For the Home, Education, Music & Software

Crafts:  Art, Needlework, Paper Crafts, Quilting, Rubber Stamping, Scrapbooking, Sewing -- Home, School, and Office Supplies

... has educational toys, books, games, tools, videos, expedition clothing, stress soothers, and travel items

Excellent educational DVDs, videos, toys, games, optics.  Topics include Animals, Astronomy, Dinosaurs, Egypt, Fitness & Yoga, Golf, Hiking & Camping, Military, Religion, Technology, Weather, World Travel
Home school reference library, furniture, supplies, games, learning aids, etc.  Enter "home school" in the eBay search box.
Preschool-Kindergarten Products at eBay

Elementary School Products at eBay

School Supplies at eBay

School application essay editing service.

I see me!
High quality personalized children's books and t-shirts that have been featured nationally in Parents and Baby Talk magazines as unique gifts for newborns and young children. 

Wall Maps, World Maps, USA City Maps, Custom Radius Maps, Travel Maps, Travel Guides, Atlases, Globes & Games, Digital Map Graphics, Map Software, NavPro, Classroom Products, Map By Area, Online Business Mapping

Science and Nature Toys Mall
Animals, Archaeology, Astronomy, Bugs & Insects, Creative Kits, Geology, Globes & Geography, Habitats, Microscopes, Telescopes.
Home School Links
Art Toy Store
Early art learning at home through play is possible through art related toys.  This store features art activity toys currently available at and eBay, including art tables, origami, sculpting, coloring, art supplies and more.
Book Mall
Parents, the Book Mall will provide links to textbooks, non -fiction boks, and other resources for homeschooling.
College Articles
Information about admissions, scholarships, grants, online degrees, essay and dissertation writing, college selection and more.
Educational Toys Mall
Alphabet, Art, Language, Geography, History, Learning Systems, Mathematics, Multilingual, Music, Art, Numbers, Reading & Writing, Science, Nature, Special Needs, Autism, Time, Video Games, Wind and Weather
Educational Video Games Store
Click here for video games that teach math, science, etc.
Home Schooling Bookstore
Books, audiobooks, and DVDs related to home schooling, and home learning resources.
Homework Booklet Store
Click here for a selection of the Homework Booklet Series
Marker Store
Washable, fine tip, art, dry erase and other markers.
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Home School Information Center
To read these brochures and handouts, you will need Adobe Acrobat software on your computer..  It is available free by clicking here.  These materials are provided for your information only.  No claims are made for their completeness, accuracy, or current application. 
Classic Books for Libraries, by the National Endowment for the Humanities
This publication contains the complete list of the books recommended for school libraries, grades K through 12.  Here is a good place to find a reading list.
Help Your Child Improve in Test-Taking
Simple techniques to help children at all grade levels avoid "test anxiety" and prepare for various types of tests.
Helping Your Child Become a Reader
Help children gain the skills they need to become good readers. Here are ways to turn everyday activities into learning experiences for infants to 6-year old children.
Helping Your Child Learn Geography:  With Activities for Children from 5 to 10 Years of Age
Teach 5-10 year old children geography in ways that are challenging and fun.
Helping Your Child Learn Math
The tips provided in this book will help you explore math concepts with your children and make it a fun experience. All the activities use easy-to-find material, relate math to everyday life, and can be done in the home, at the store, while traveling or just for the fun of it.
Information Bulletin on the Tests of General Educational Development (GED)
  • What are the GED tests?
  • Are there resources available to help me prepare for the GED tests?
  • Am I ready to take the GED tests?
  • Where do I take the GED tests?
  • What accommodations are available if I have a documented disability?
  • What do the GED tests look like?
Look inside at this publication for the answers!
Learning Activities for the Growth Season:  Seven Stages of Growth
A 7-week schedule listing daily, fun learning activities for elementary age children. Poster.
Learning Disabilities
Explains the differences between learning problems and disabilities. Chart shows language and reasoning skills to watch for at different ages and more.
Museum Learning:  A Guide for Family Visits
How to make museum visits enjoyable learning experiences for your 4-12 year olds. Includes activities for children and families to do before, during, and after the visit.
Toward a New Golden Age in American Education:  How the Internet, the Law and Today's Students are Revolutionizing Expectations
Teachers and students are transforming what can be done in schools by using technology to access primary sources, expose our students to a variety of perspectives, and enhance the overall learning experience through multimedia, simulations, and interactive software.  There has been an explosive growth in the availability of online instruction and virtual schools, complementing traditional instruction with high quality courses tailored to the needs of individual students.  For more information, enjoy this publication.

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